Our History – Why Police Housing Exists

Who knew, over 10 years ago, that our police housing program would help so many young officers. I started this endeavor after a family-member of mine, who was a police trainee, lost their life. Not in the line of duty, but after a long shift. He had to drive back home, off the island, to sleep because he couldn’t find affordable housing near the police academy.

I had a vision to make sure no officer falls asleep at the wheel again and loses his life because he couldn’t afford local, reasonable, and safe housing. I had a few rental properties, and I would dedicate one of them to house police cadets/trainees, and officers, and offer them a safe place to stay at a very reasonable price. Ten years ago, my vision became a reality when I started Police Housing. 

We work with the police academy and the local police departments, allowing officers and trainees alike to live in Wildwood, without the usual high rent. We provide a safe and beautiful home where they can live comfortably. I have a special rate for the officers at only $850.00 per month. We now offer rooms in 4 houses in Wildwood and Wildwood Crest, depending on the number of officer/rooms needed. We have even expanded it to include fire fighters and EMS workers.

They can live in a property dedicated to “those who serve” with ease of parking, and a fully stocked home: they can iron on a real ironing board, cook in a fully stocked kitchen, enjoy a beautiful deck for down time, and sleep in comfortable beds.

Nowhere else on the Island can they have such a home away from home, in a safe and comfortable environment, as they grow into amazing public servants of our beautiful community… without having to drive “miles to go before they sleep.”

Gaile Labar Bernhart